Places You Have to See Before You Die

Making the best out of life is always a good idea. And with that in mind, there are various things that should be done before passing on to the great beyond. From the enjoyment of all the beautifully naturalistic views and exploration to stepping back in time upon visiting historical sightings, there is much to do in this great big world. Besides, life is more than just running the rat race- it’s taking time to enjoy all that this life has to offer. And with that said, the following include places to see before you die:

  1. Angkor Wat (Cambodia) they have around 200 temples with 9th to 15th century construction.
  1. Sydney Opera House (Australia) a popular landmark that is a lighthouse for ferries entering the harbor, a great stance for festivals, and a wonderful outlet of globally artistic talent.
  1. Easter Island (Chile) a triangular shaped island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
  1. Berlin Wall (Germany) in November 1989, the Berlin Wall fell after nearly three decades of splitting Germany East and West. And now, only two big sections remain.
  1. The Louvre (France) The famous Mona Lisa is not the only grandiose artifact this place has to offer for there are approximately 380,000 artifacts available ranging from Ancient Egyptians to the Middle Ages and beyond.
  1. Venice Canals (Italy) from being a great romantic place to splendid Roman statues, bohemian shops, and more, this is definitely the place to go.
  1. Mount Fuji (Japan) the tallest mountain in Japan, it is one of their most visited attractions.
  1. Galapagos Islands (Ecuador) a spectacular place for the outdoorsmen, it has great marine life, such as huge tortoises and iguanas.
  1. Taj Mahal (India) this structure, originally created in 1632, is referred to as one of the most romantic buildings worldwide, an architectural masterpiece, and the jewel of Muslim art of India.
  1. The Eiffel Tower (France)– this is the most visited paid monument of the world and the most valuable that amounts to $561.9 billion.
  1. Yellowstone National Park (USA) one of the favorite spots of great adventure for the outdoorsmen
  1. The Sistine Chapel (Vatican City)– great art of Michelangelo’s interpretation of some Old Testament’s powerful stories, such as Adam and Eve’s fall, Noah’s story, and the creation within this Chapel. It’s the most visited room in the world.


Other Important Sightings if Possible

Visiting at least some of these destinations will be an enriching experience. And if you have the chance, other sightings would enrich your experience even more, such as the following:

– Visiting ancient cities on three continents: Petra, Tikal, Pompeii, and Mesa Verde are great choices.

– Visiting the finest historical works of design and art is always a special treat. The Louvre, Fallingwater, Uffizi Gallery, and Zen Garden of Kyoto are among the world’s finest.

– Some places are threatened to disappear in the future, and they include the Gal├ípagos Islands, the Great Barrier Reef, Venice, and the Amazon Rain Forest.


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